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Home Inspections

  • We provide full service home inspections for home buyers and or sellers.  We take pride in delivering a great experience for our clients..... We love to say we are your home inspector for life!     

Commercial Inspections

We have great different options for your commercial inspection needs.  We provide detailed inspections and will leave you well informed. 

Sewer Scope Inspections

Starting at $150.00 

As an add on service we offer sewer line inspections! Buying a home?  Ever worry about if that sewer line will collapse or have cesspool problems?  Let us put your mind at ease, we offer great pricing  when booked with a home inspection. 

Recall Check

With every inspection for FREE we enter you into a free subscription of RECALL CHECK !  WOW FREE!   We will enter your homes appliances into our system and of there is ever a recall on anything in your home you will be notified - Recall check saves people thousands of dollars in repair bills every year! 

Buy your home back Guarantee

Yup that is what we said!  We back you up with the awesome protection!  Ask about our buy your home back guarantee backed by the International Association of certified home inspectors. 




Home Inspections Starting at $369.00 includes all of our warranty services and buy your home back Guarantee  

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Condo and HOA Inspections starting at $299.00 Includes all applicable warranted and guarantees Call for details. 

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Commerical Inspections


Pricing is based on Scope of Work Needed Call for free consultation and estimate. 

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We Make it Easy

Buy Your Home Back Guarantee

Check out this great video that explains the interNACHI Buy your home back Guarantee 

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Included with Every Inspection

Why choose Guardian Angel Home Inspection?

  • Dedicated to your inspection experience 
  • Thorough Inspection with Digital Reports delivered same day upon request.
  • Licensed by NY State,  Insured, and certified by the International Association of Home Inspectors 
  • We Buy your Home Back Guarantee 
  • Termite and wood destroying insect/organism inspection done during your home inspection  
  • We will be your partner during this home buying experience, assisting you with making sure you understand the home inspection process and reporting.   


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Drug Test Your Home Lately?


Guardian Angel Home Inspection completes Home Toxicology Testing.  Sadly enough this is a real thing. We recommend adding this to your inspection. Our Home Toxicology Inspections test for the following drugs in your home or on your homes surfaces. Carpets, Walls etc.

Drugs residues our labs look for with EVERY TestMethamphetamine
PCP (Phencyclidine.Angel Dust)
Cocaine Base

And Many More

Contact Information

(Phone) 631-846-3411    (Cell) 631-721-8698  

We inspect 7 days a week! Flexible Times

Military, Fire and EMS Discounts

We Respect the people that keep us free and safe everyday

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Guardian Angel Home Inspection "Protect yourself"

Why get a home inspection?    

  1. It is one of the biggest investments in your life, it should keep your family safe!  
  2. You should not buy a home based soley on appeal and looks.  The mechanical systems in your home can cost you thousands of dollars to repair, along with electrical and plumbing, foundation and all of the other things a home inspector inspects during your home inspection
  3. Understand what you are buying before you get over your head with repairs and maintance.  

Our Promise

Inspect it once, Inspect it right


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